The Many Pros and Few Cons of Starting Your Home Aquaponics Garden

The Many Pros and Few Cons of Starting Your Home Aquaponics Garden


Home Aquaponics has evolved into an interesting topic amongst gardeners! It is known for its advantageous qualities. Aquaponics has solved many problems faced by gardeners. It has helped them grow plants and cultivate fishes all year round. If you are planning to invest on home aquaponics, you should be aware of its benefits and drawbacks.


A lot of people criticize home aquaponics systems without understanding of its “real” qualities. This is an exquisite system that maintains a healthy relationship between plants and fishes. Plants provide oxygen for the fishes. And, the fishes provide plants with nutrients. This relationship can work without any chemicals or extra efforts.


The Benefits!


Here is a quick walk through few well-known benefits of home aquaponics gardens:

  • All hydroponic systems depend on fertilizers. And, fertilizers can make the entire system dirty. In fact, hydroponic systems require plenty of effort. On the other hand, home aquaponics systems depend on fish waste. You don’t need to fertilize the system using external sources. That means, you don’t have to worry about buying fertilizers at odd hours! Summer or winter, your home aquaponics system will survive.
  • When compared against many other agricultural methods, the home aquaponics system needs very little effort. For example, you don’t have to eliminate fish wastes. The plants will take care of this! A lot of people believe that plants and fishes don’t release wastes. Only after owning an home aquaponics system would you understand the amount of waste fishes and plants can release. But, when you grow plants and fishes together, you don’t have to remove anything. The plants and fishes would take care of everything for you.
  • DIY home aquaponics systems come in different shapes and sizes. That means, you will not have any space issues. You will be able to find space for the aquaponics system. For instance, you can build the system in your garage. In fact, many DIY aquaponics systems are kept in huge closets. Space will never stop you from an at aquaponics project.
  • Traditional gardening comes with common problems like weeding. If you take proper care of your quaponics system, you will not have any weeding issues too. The entire system doesn’t support the growth of weeds. You can harvest without spending any time weeding.
  • The time required to growth plants and fishes in your DIY aquaponics project is less. In traditional gardening, you should spend months (if not years) for plants to grow. Aquaponics harvest happen very quickly. That means, you will be able to enjoy good food a lot sooner.


The Drawbacks


Aquaponics systems have very few drawbacks. Here is a quick walk through these drawbacks:

  • The initial startup cost may seem expensive. If you want a stable and a productive aquaponics system, you should invest on professional graded systems. And, these systems can cost you several thousand dollars.
  • There are too many aquaponics systems to choose from. Making a smart choice will be a difficult process.