Different aquaponics fish and how they each species will benefit your farm

Different aquaponics fish and how they each species will benefit your farm


When you choose fishes for your aquaponics system, you must consider many important factors. Firstly, you must be aware of the surrounding environment. Is the environment tropical, too hot or cold? You should always pick fishes that suit your current environmental conditions. Two, you must be aware of food sources for your fishes. Are you planning to breed duckweed? Or, do you wish to grow black soldier fly larvae? Three, you must have a purpose in mind. Are you planning to grow fishes and plants for eating or selling? Four, how big will your aquaponics system be? There are plenty of fishes to choose from. If you have a small DIY home aquaponics system, you must go for Siamese fighting fishes. Five, are you planning to grow legal fishes? Visit your local fishery department and identify fishes that are considered as invasive.


With this being said, here are few well-known aquaponics fishes. These fishes are both easy to maintain and profitable.


Fish #1 – Tilapia


The list begins with the “Tilapia”. The tilapia is edible and easy to grow. The fish grows very quickly. What makes the Tilapia special would be its ability to adapt to different water conditions. Regardless of how clean or dirty your aquaponics system is, Tilapias will grow. The ponds, shallow streams, lakes and rivers are their natural habitat. And, the tilapia feeds on a wide range of plants and algae. The fish grows rapidly and big. They are a great source of protein and are famous in commercial fisheries.


Fish #2 – Trout


The Trout is another recommended aquaponics fish. It is known for its “extremely rapid” rate of growth. The trout coverts to food at an excellent rate. By default, the trout is closely related to fishes like salmon. Here are few interesting qualities about the trout:

  • They have soft aquatic invertebrates
  • They feed on other fishes
  • They are absolutely carnivorous
  • They can live in different environments!
  • They have the ability to camouflage in different environments!

The trout plays an important role in the food pyramid of humans and animals. This makes the trout a highly profitable aquaponics fish.


Fish #3 – Goldfish


The talk about aquaponics fishes will remain incomplete without the “Goldfish”. This is a colorful fish found in many homes. According to studies, the Goldfish was one of the earliest species to be domesticated. However, the fish is extremely wild and active. If you feed the Goldfish with plenty of food, they excrete more wastes. And, fish waste is good for any aquaponics systems.


Fish #4 – Crap


Another interesting fish for aquaponics systems would be the crap. This fish is known for its reproductive capabilities. They can adapt to any environment. The oily freshwater fish was domesticated, raised and sold as food fish. The demand for crap in Western Europe is extremely high.


Fish #5 – Catfish


Finally, you can raise the catfish! Just like the Trout, catfishes enjoy a good food-conversion ratio. Unlike many other aquaponics fishes, the catfish grows in different sizes. And, they can be found in diverse environments (coastal waters, live inland and freshwater environment).