Everything you will need in order to start your own aquaponics farm

Everything you will need in order to start your own aquaponic gardening system


Aquaponic gardening is an interesting aquaculture-based technique for growing plants and fishes. It is a powerful technique that combines both recirculating aquaculture strategies and hydroponics. If you are planning to invest on a home aquaponic gardening system, there are several things you must keep in mind. You should be aware of how aquaponic gardening works. You could even grow cannabis in your DIY home aquaponics project. Also, you should master the tricks in building a strong aquaponics system.


#1 Eye on Nutrient Levels


First of all, you must pay close attention to the system’s nutrient levels. According to experts, aquaponic gardening systems require very little nutrient levels. If you have healthy plants, you are unlikely to detect nutrients in the solution or water. That is because plants would remove all essential nutrients. However, you should keep an eye on the balance. If the system doesn’t have the right number of plants, the water will become harmful for the fishes.


#2 An Expert


DIY home aquaponic gardening is not as easy as it sounds. If you are a beginning, you should have an expert around. By having experts on board, you will be able to avoid many mistakes and problems. They will help you handle all common problems with perfect solutions.


#3 Tackling Pest Control


In an aquaponics system, pest control can be extremely challenging. You should be careful with what you use. The sprays must not harm the fishes. Luckily, there are many organically approved materials to help with insect control. These organic materials should be used periodically and within advisable limits. To be in the safer side, you must be knowledgeable of everything you use.


#4 Aquaponics Supplies


Air pumps play an important role in the list of aquaponics supplies. When the aquaponics system has plenty of oxygen, your fishes and plants will be extremely healthy. In addition to air pumps, your aquaponics unit must have an alarm system. This is one of the biggest mistakes in many DIY aquaponics systems. The owners forget to consider the fail safes. There are many differences between aquaponics and hydroponics. If a pump in your hydroponic system gets damaged, your plants will start to wilt. However, you can turn water on and eradicate the risks of any loss. In an aquaponics system, it will be a matter of few minutes or hours before all your fishes die. That is why every aquaponics system needs a working alert mechanism. You should be able to spot issues and identify solutions quickly.


#5 Fish Food


A lot of people ponder if fish food in aquaponics is complicated. Well, it is not as complicated as it seems. Most aquaponics systems have gravel grow beds to filter fish wastes. Plants work as bio-filters. If required, you must add nutrients into the water. These nutrients can be bought commercially (there is no DIY involved in feeding your fishes).


#6 The Last Step


Last but certainly not least, you should be aware of when the fishes must be processed. If you are planning to sell the large fishes, you must coordinate with the local market. Now, this can be a time consuming process.  

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